About HHP

Board of Managers

A diverse group of physician leaders throughout Hawaii Pacific Health has come together with system and hospital leadership to form Hawaii Health Partners LLC. The group represents primary care providers and specialists who are in private practice or employed by Hawaii Pacific Health and is guided by the Hawaii Health Partners Board of Managers.

Hawaii Health Partners Board


  • Keith Matsumoto, MD, President/Chair
  • Dawn Miura, MD, Secretary/Treasurer

Committee Chairs

  • Bennet Loui, MD, Nominating Committee
  • Wallace Matthews, MD, Recruiting and Credentialing Committee
  • Dawn Miura, MD, Finance Committee Board


  • Melinda Ashton, MD*
  • David Cho, MD
  • Amy Corliss, MD
  • Gina French, MD
  • Douglas Kwock, MD*
  • Andy Lee, MD*
  • Gerard Livaudais, MD, MPH**
  • Wallace Matthews, MD
  • Todd Miller, MD
  • Dawn Miura, MD
  • Kimberly Naahielua, MD
  • Sandra Noon, MD
  • Monica Price, MD
  • Ken Robbins, MD*
  • Huidy Shu, MD 
  • Marti Taba, MD
  • Ray Vara*

*ex officio / HPH-appointed