About HHP


Hawaii Health Partners is a physician-led Accountable Care Organization (ACO) with the goal of providing high-quality care, increased efficiency, and optimal patient health.

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As Hawaii’s first ACO, Hawaii Health Partners is demonstrating the true power of partnership by rewarding physicians for delivering higher-quality, lower-cost care with higher patient satisfaction and, ultimately, transforming the delivery of health care.

Hawaii Health Partners makes it easier for physicians to practice their best medicine by easing their administrative burden, providing access to integrated technology, ensuring financial stability and rewarding them for positive outcomes.

Working collaboratively with physicians and other providers, Hawaii Health Partners is improving health care in Hawaii by focusing on value, not volume, to provide coordinated high-quality care to patients.

Hawaii Health Partners delivers a better patient experience, where the patient’s health comes first. Patients of Hawaii Health Partners physicians enjoy more choices, more control and more coordination in their care services. 

What are the objectives of Hawaii Health Partners?

  1. Provide high-quality care and optimal health to the communities we serve while bringing increased efficiency to health care in Hawaii.
  2. Develop a physician-led entity that promotes integration and collaboration within the clinical community.
  3. Develop a mutually beneficial partnership between Hawaii Pacific Health and physicians, with a commitment to quality and service.
  4. Develop and/or adopt clinical protocols that are grounded in evidence-based medicine.
  5. Improve access and care coordination for the communities we serve.
  6. Create an environment where care is delivered more efficiently and effectively, thereby positively impacting the cost of health care.
  7. Improve care for patients through primary care physicians' adoption of the Patient Centered Medical Home model.
  8. Measure, improve and reward quality of care delivered.
  9. Provide programs and services that support physicians in achieving economic incentives related to value-based payment models

Quality Performance

2018 Cancer Screening 

Hawaiian Language Display
Hawaii Pacific Health and its member hospitals honor the Hawaiian language and its use of diacritical marks, the glottal stop and the macron (okina and kahako). While we use these marks in our communication materials, we have omitted them in our online platforms as they are often limited in their ability to display these marks.

To determine when diacritical marks should be used, refer to Hawaiian Dictionary and Place Names of Hawaii, published by UH Press.